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I heard the Lord calling: Awake, Awake, Awake America from your slumbered state in this season.


I heard the Lord calling: Awake, Awake, Awake America from your slumbered state in this season. Watchman, mind you post for the United States. Slumbering does not produce the fruit that is needed for this season. Watch and wait at the gate of the United States. What will you allow in and out in this season? Lockout the spirit of slumber over the United States and allow the spirit of sobriety to rest on the nation. I heard the Lord say Be alert and be sober-minded according to 1 Peter 5:8. The watchman must arise and take their positions at the gate. (I could see hubs of watchmen getting together to pray in person and on zoom increasing globally.)

The Lord said, “I have called this to be a land of the free and the Brave” Bind all cowardness coming at the gate and coming against the watchman of the United States. Declare they are the Brave in this season. The brave must face my mandate in the United States and release the sound of my voice to the Land of the US. (I kept seeing a picture of brave heart the movie- maybe we can discuss this).

Push forth the mantle of revival for the United States. It’s time to take shackles off the Land of devastation, humanism, pride, hopelessness, and fear. I knew the end from the beginning. It’s a Habakkuk 2:14 season; agree with my word and declare that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord.

Stand with your shields of faith in this season and quench the fiery darts of the wicked one for the United States. I get a sense we need to cut off word curses over the US. I could see a clash at the gate of the US; it was a clash of good and evil like the clash of the titans. Instructions will come at the midnight hour on what to declare at the gate. Get ready!!!! I hear during the midst of greatness, is there not adversity? Are there not enemies to overcome? As my church moves in the mandate of the kingdom as one, many shifts will take place on the Land. All of creation is groaning, crying out to hear the sounds of my manifested sons, according to Romans 8:19.

I could see oppression hitting many like a thief in the night. Demonic forces are working behind the scenes to wear out the saints and to drive out the fire of many. We must stand and declare the strengthening of the saints in this hour. This is a time of advancement, no matter what it seems like. Press into the fire of revival and fan the flame of Christ in you, the hope of Glory. What has the epidemic done on the earth? It has placed a mandate of maturity of my church to GO to all nations and to heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, and cast out demons.

April Stutzman 9/31/2021

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Tim Horn
Tim Horn

Good morning April I met u and Richard in Clermont. This article hits home. In a dream I heard the Lord say to me, “son I want you too Worship, Pray, and Protect. I looked the word up. One Hebrew word was Shamar! Strong’s word # 8104 . Watchman, doorkeeper, gatekeeper, etc. This was straight from the Father. So now I’m on a journey to fulfill my calling. I’m a worshipper! I am a Intercessor ! When I first walked back in a church in September 2020 I launched into worship and into the prayer meetings. They were unlike any prayer meetings I had experienced before. They prayed like Elijah! I’ve been on the journey for a year now. So…

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