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Overcoming the Spirit of Haman

Just the other morning (April 2, 2019) the Lord woke me up at 2 a.m. and said, “The spirit of Haman is on the rise.” This got my attention quickly, as I awoke immediately to those words. As I lay in bed, I began to ask the Lord what characteristics this spirit has. I asked Him to give me revelation on how this spirit operates and its agendas. I told the Lord that I had never heard anyone mention or talk about this spirit before. All I knew of it was the story in the book of Esther.

As a woman of intercession, I wanted the Lord to reveal the ways this spirit works, so that all its hidden agendas could be cancelled. If God cared enough to bring this to my attention, I was listening. The Lord began unpacking revelation and the characteristics of this spirit to me, making it clear that it needs to be exposed, and asking me to call the Body of Christ to pray against this spirit and its agendas. The Lord began to speak to me different characteristics, and I began to unpack them and confirm them in the Word.

God always calls His people to triumph. We see this over and over as He works with His people in the Old Testament. When they turned their hearts to Him, His people overcame insurmountable circumstances. As Psalms 3:8 says, “From the Lord comes deliverance. May Your blessing be on Your people.”

God has loved the Jewish people since the foundation of the earth. I cannot dismiss Haman’s anti-Semitism goals and agendas. As I prayed this through with another apostle, I felt confirmation from the Holy Spirit and knew that I must sound the alarm for God’s people to pray and see this exposed. Let’s unpack this in the Word.

In Esther 3:2 it says that all the king’s servants bowed and paid homage to Haman. This spirit will begin to whisper to key leaders in this hour and appeal to their temptation for the pride of life. This spirit will stroke men’s egos and pride, to have them serve its own agenda. We see in the book of Esther that Haman was full of greed, arrogance, hatred and murder against God’s chosen people. Haman was one who desired promotion above character in the king’s courts, which represents a political level influence. He was ruthless to get his own way and agenda even to the point of murdering God's chosen people. Haman wanted to bring division and pull apart Godly divine protection that the king had from Mordecai. This spirit co-labors with deception and will try to whisper lies into key people’s ears during this hour in order to plant the seeds of satan’s agenda. This spirit’s agenda is to plot and scheme against leaders, and to bring destruction.

Haman was filled with anger as He saw that Mordecai was going to stand up for what was right. Haman began to appeal to the king using deception. He used his prestige and favor with the king to serve his own agenda instead of God’s agenda, throwing money at its anti-Semitic goals and agendas. As we see in Esther 6:6-11, Haman longed to be worshipped, and wanted his own worship at the price of God’s chosen people.

According to Esther 5:9-11, Haman was filled with indignation toward Mordecai (which represents God’s chosen leaders). Then Haman essentially threw a party and invited his friends and bragged about how he was promoted and had great wealth. Little did Haman know that God was already working behind the scenes and had raised up Esther for such a time as this according to Esther 4:14, to expose the work of the enemy and to protect God's people. Esther laid aside her own agendas to seek the heart of God and she was proactive. According to Esther 4:15-16 she rose to the challenge of protecting God's people and had asked all of the Jews to fast and pray with her. She laid down her life to follow her King, the one true God, even saying (in Esther 4:16), “...if I perish, I perish.”

Esther began to seek the strategy of Heaven by being in intimacy with her King, God. She walked in boldness and Esther arranged a banquet in front of her enemy and exposed the plot and heart of Haman. This is our God according to Psalm 23:5--He prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies. We all know how the story ended. The godly leader, Mordecai, was honored; Haman’s agenda died with him, and God’s chosen people were protected. Through Esther’s obedience, God saved the Jewish people.

We will have the same victory as we prophetically pray against this spirit and the same hidden agendas today. This is a call to intercession to overthrow and overcome every desire of anti-Semitism that satan is releasing in this hour--it will be brought to not. May the Esthers and Mordecais arise!

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