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Open Heavens - Holy Spirit Download

Do we ask the lord for more? Matthew 6:6 when you pray go into our inner room (secret place) and when you have shut the door, pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father will repay you. Open heaven is accessed as you go into your secret place, where your Father can repay you with the Mysteries of the Kingdom? What is your heart’s desire? The presence and Glory of God? Does Gods Glory open the heaven around you in your life? What does an open heaven mean? The heavens opened in Jesus life during Jesus Baptism. Matthew 3: 13~ 17. Immediately following was a period of testing. Which some reference as a time of wilderness. But some miss the main point of these chapters. The key to Jesus beginning his ministry in Matthew 4: 12~25 is a direct results of the heavens opening over him. As the heavens open in your life you may begin to ask and quote as Jesus did repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. You now have access to all of heaven on your behalf as you step out and see where the Farther wants you to bring His heaven into people’s reality that you bring in contact with. I do notice that the first thing Jesus did to bring kingdom is to Rally a team of people to teach Simon and Andrew. This speaks volumes to me as the Holy Spirit showed me the first kingdom reality Jesus did was to align strategically with certain people. The next result of an open heaven is displayed in Matthew 5: 23~25. Let’s make a quick list to drive home some points of how Jesus demonstrated an open heaven

  • Teaching (in the synagogues)

  • Proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom (preaching)

  • Healing EVERY kind of disease AND sickness

  • Deliverance (demoniacs)

  • Revelation shared Matthew 5 : 3~48

Let’s Go higher my friends and demonstrate the Kingdom together around the earth. I declare and open heaven over your life and say reach up and step out. Open heaven opened and JESUS went to Capernaum. There is a GO that takes place when the Heavens open!! Take a step into the journey!!!

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