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Times and Seasons for America are changing but have Faith in God!

Here is what the scroll said that April read to us last night on 10-27-23 on the Night Watch of the Lord:

Times and seasons are changing in the U.S., and there will be changes in the U.S. dollar. I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying: Get ready, get ready, get ready, do not be in distress, but pray and seek what I would have you pray for this nation. Allow me to live and move and have my being in you but to also give you great fortitude and understanding in this season. We will not be weary or wear out as you go into my night watch intercessions, I will strengthen you with the supernatural honey. It will cause your bones and the anointing in your bones to be strengthened to pray for the U.S. Many are on guard in the night watch seasons because the attacks that want to happen start in the night seasons. So thank you God that you shut down the attacks of the night seasons.

Stand and fight the good fight of faith, do not say that my prayers do not matter. Your prayers in cities and this nation can shut down the enemy’s plan for this nation. Do not lean on your own understanding but build my altar at night. You have been faithful with little so I will give you much for those who stand on my night watch, and in my post, I will increase your levels of authority to pray. You will learn to stand at your post, and you will learn to advance as I show you what’s going to happen in the next seasons. Allow yourself to be prepared but not to walk in fear, for it is my good pleasure to show the prophets the times and seasons and, as they sound the alarms in your regions that you need to sound.


April Stutzman


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