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Velocity 5265 Live Oak Ave. Oakley, CA 94561.

Welcome to VELOCITY Prophetic Training Center in March 2019 we launched our first in person equipping with "Prophetic Training 101" right before shelter in place and went online like many others.Our Topic & focus for this quarter in Partnership with The Royal Healing Room in Oakley is on "Inner Healing & Deliverance". We are so excited to welcome our friends who just relocated here to central California as God called them in December of last year from North Carolina April & Richard Stutzman. 

Subject from:  Abandonment | Abuse | Orphan Spirit | Trauma | Ptsp | Fear | Betrayal | Offense |Unforgiveness | Suicide | Resentfullness | & More.

Please click on "join us" to register for this weekend teaching.

If you would like to invite  April or Richard to minister at your church, event, or special engagement, please click on the link below. 

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April Teaching on "What is the Prophetic"


Richard Teaching on "Hearing the Voice of God."
April Stutzman Speaking on Pentecost 2022
April Stutzman teaching on Internal Healing of the Soul Part 1
April Stutzman teaching on Internal Healing of the Soul Part 2
Richard Stutzman teaching on Words of Knowledge
Richard Stutzman preaching on the life of John the Baptist
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