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About Us

Kingdom Flame Ministries is an apostolic ministry with a mission to see individuals, cultures and societies transformed by the love of the Father.  Our passion is to help expand the Kingdom globally by proclaiming the Good News and demonstrating the power and glory of God.  Our desire is to see regions and territories forever changed as God’s people understand their identity as sons and daughters of the King, receive their inheritance as children of God, and walk in their full destinies. Blessing Richard and April Stutzman

April Stutzman
Richard Stutzman

Richard flows in the prophetic,

creative miracles, inner and physical healing, as well as deliverance. Together they equip and activate the body of Christ through webinars

and gatherings to minister the prophetic and healing.

April is passionate about sharing the heart of the Father with his children
and seeing people walk
in wholeness. She walks in a deliverance anointing in her life, setting people free.

Both April and Richard have been ordained and certified in healing ministry through Patricia King Network,  Joan Hunter Ministries, and Randy Clark Ministries.

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