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Letting go of the old Pain in your heart!

What if you could let go of all the old pain and hurt in your heart? Would you lay it down? You may say you don’t know what I have suffered? That may be true but no one fully can comprehend the scars on people’s hearts but Jesus. What would life look like if your scars were healed? Why if you traded it for something amazing? What if it was for the Glory of God? One touch from His presence may be exactly what you need. What if it was always intended to be that way? To be so full of the glory of God that all the pain of life scares is washed away. The same glory that Adam and Eve had resting on them is possible for today. You can have as much of His presence as you want. He gives an open invitation in His word ... Revelation 3:20. Speak this verse over your life today and invite him to heal your scares and trade it for his presence!

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