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End Times Food Resources


I have researched places to be resources for your supply of emergency food.  Let us direct you to several affiliate programs that may meet your needs!


With inflation and food shortages, this is a must for your home.

Let me help you with sites that may meet your need for your solution for the food shortage that may happen one day.


PackFreshUSA - Mylar

Hi Richard, 


I want to welcome you to our affiliate program here at Pack Fresh USA. We are excited to have you be part of the team. Is there a code you would like to use to give your followers a discount?

I have set your discount code up as " RICHARD". It is good for 10% off the order.  Please use it as you check out to pay and on the line that says "Coupon Code", enter Richard.

I like the set 5Mil with oxygen combo together so click on the link below.

Azure - Wheat and More!

Welcome to Azure website. Please enter my referral code here and we will be sure to give Richard credit for sharing Azure with you once you place a qualifying order. 

Friend's Referral Code: RichardStutzman1

Or click on here

download (43).jpg

Check out first time promo code to save 10- 15 percent of the order over $100.00 "NEW15" or "NEW10".



206 contaminants** commonly found in drinking water:

Bacteria (> 99.9999%)

Chlorine (> 99.9%)

Fluoride (> 97%)

Pesticides (> 5%)

Pharmaceuticals (> 95%)

Viruses (> 99.99%)

Heavy metals

camping survival.png

Pure Water filter System -
Best price even with Amazon Listing and Free Shipping.

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